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Website Design & Marketing to help you get a clear message, cut through the noise, and grow your revenue.

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Clarify Your Messaging

Get a clear message about what you offer to your customers.  


Engage With Customers

Connect with customers in an effective way they understand. Learn why people really buy your products and services.

Grow Your Company

Get a website that helps you grow your company.

What Makes MidNorthern Marketing So Different?

Many small businesses and organizations have difficulty clearly describing what they do for their customers...

It’s not your fault! You are so involved with the details of your own business that it can be hard to describe how your product, service, or business actually benefits your customers.

So you spend a lot of money to make a beautiful website that doesn’t work. That’s a problem. Most web designers have never studied sales, positioning, and the science behind why people really buy. People do not buy the best products and services. Instead, they buy the ones that they understand the quickest. They buy the ones that are clear.  

MidNorthern Marketing offers web design and consulting that combines design with story-driven marketing that is clear. The result is a website that works. We’ve helped businesses grow their revenue by clarifying their message.

If you keep losing money because you struggle to connect with potential customers in a clear and compelling way, then you need to clarify your messaging.

A lack of clarity is costing you sales. If your message is confusing to customers or you are unclear about what you offer, you are leaving money on the table.

If you need a clear message, schedule a meeting with us today. Don’t risk having a confusing message that costs you customers. Clarifying your message is one of the best ways to grow your business. 


A Process That Makes Getting a Clear Message Simple

Next Steps

Step 1

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a free 1 hour no-pressure meeting with one of our consultants so that we can learn about your business and goals.


Step 2

Proposal & Recommendations

After our initial meeting, we will create a proposal with recommendations and exact pricing for hiring MidNorthern to execute the proposal.

Services can be added or subtracted to fit your needs.

Step 3

Execute The Plan

MidNorthen will work with you to come up with your brand’s story. This is a story about who your Brand is and what you offer your customers. Next, we’ll use this tool to make a lead generating website for you.


Whatever you need help with

Message Strategy

Web Design & Development

Web Maintenance

Tell your Brand’s Story in a relevant way to your customer

Clarify your Story and your messaging


Lead Generating tools

Video and photos

WordPress sites from the ground up

Have an existing site that needs an overhaul? We can make that happen too


Management of all the technical details

We’ll be your single point of contact

Focus on running your business, we’ll focus on keeping your website running


How much is an unclear message costing you?

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